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Job Costing and Bonding Analysis

Providing you with financial confidence that secures new work.

The construction world is complex. A construction job requires developing and monitoring job cost estimates. Missteps in the early stages of the job costing process can create costly mistakes. We have assisted construction company owners through the maze of complexities associated with job costing and bonding/credit analysis.

Guiding You through Each Step
Our construction costing estimating experience helps you understand the costs that have been incurred to date and generate reports that will help you determine the true profitability of the job. 

We work closely with construction companies to ensure their business goals are attained, favorable bonding and financing is secured and cash flow is maximized.

We understand the financial ratios a bonding company requires. We will prepare the financial statements in a construction industry perspective and assist with strengthening your bonding company relationship.


For more information about job costing and bonding analysis services contact us here or by calling 203.468.8133.

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