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Financial Statements

Documenting the foundation for your essential business decisions.

Timely, reliable and understandable financial statements are necessary to gauge how well your construction business has performed and to assess the strength of your financial position. They are a vital measure of performance. These financial statements are the foundation for important business decisions.

Burzenski & Company, PC offers a range of financial statement services. However, our financial statement services go beyond checking your math. Throughout the process, we become familiar with your business so we can provide valuable information for use in your daily management decisions. This data can improve your profitability and ensure you receive value beyond “traditional” reports and financial statements.

Having the professionals at Burzenski & Company prepare your financial statements allows you to easily compare your financial position from year to year, quarter to quarter, or month to month. We have considerable experience preparing financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for construction companies

Our Slate of Financial Statement Services:

  • Compiled financial statements
  • Reviewed financial statements
  • Audited financial statements

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