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Technology Consulting

Providing Technology Advice to Ensure your Computer Systems Operate Efficiently.

From startups to longstanding construction companies, Burzenski & Company has a unique understanding of the construction industry in the area of technology. Our experienced team can provide insight to maximize their financial position and operate efficiently.

Our expertise in construction technology consulting can help your company determine the most reliable and cost-efficient ways to make your computer systems operate. We can perform an assessment of your current technology environment and prepare a detailed plan that identifies the best plans and/or information technology systems for your companies based on budget, company goals and commitments.

With unique qualifications to guide your construction company in all areas of business, we offer construction technology consulting services to the construction industry including:

  • Technology assessments
  • Planning, selection and implementation of computer systems
  • Project management


For more information about technology consulting services contact us here or by calling 203.468.8133.

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